Antelope Canyon



Abby and I traveled with a guide on a rough sandy road in a river bottom to reach the entrance to Antelope Canyon, a strange and beautiful slot canyon near the town of Page, in northern Arizona.

I had wanted to make photographs in a slot canyon for some years. Finally we decided the year 2000 was the time. This project turned out to be one of the most technically difficult but aesthetically rewarding photographic experiences that I have encountered during my long career practicing and teaching photography.

The range of light values in the narrow canyon went from brilliant sunlight to a cavern-darkness, all in one camera field of view --- quite a challenge to my photographic skills.

Our clothing became sand-drenched from the drifting sand caused by high winds on the surface of the plateau, twelve stories overhead (I covered my equipment as best I could). I depended a lot on my good luck and serendipity in this venture.

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