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Flash Flood

Rushing water in a narrow tributary, not far from Antelope Canyon, has a similar appearance to a flash flood

A flash flood can travel miles from the rainfall that generated it.This happened in August, 1997, in the Lower Antelope Canyon. Eleven hikers were killed when the flood filled the narrow canyon and reached depths up to 50 feet.

Living in the Sonoran Desert, Abby and I have come to respect the danger of flash floods. They can occur at any time of the year when rainfall is forecast but they are most prevalent from July to mid-September during the time of the monsoon.

When a flash flood occurs in Tucson, where we live, some people often underestimate the depth and force of the floodwaters as they travel through low dips in the streets. Each year men, women, and children are stranded and some face dangerous escapes from the tops of their cars. Unfortunately drownings in flash floods are not uncommon.

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